shop window displays
custom designed furniture for stores, corner stores and showrooms
display accessories
fair stands
scenography for events



visual merchandising and displaying
development strategies for brands, stores and shopping precincts

Along the years we have have collaborated with some of the major European and American fashion brands, as well as on exhibitions and fair stands. We had the chance to work on many projects, originated from very different marketing strategies, products, seasons or promotions.

One of our main strengths, together with design, is the long experience in managing outsourced services and manufacturing: we worked with a huge number of materials, thus with many different suppliers, technologies and professionals. This gives us the managing and coordinating skills, but also the ability of thinking out of the box, with no boundaries that can be given by a limited field of knowledge.

Our standard procedure involves fast and massive research in creative hints and trends, in technical innovations and materials, products, suppliers, careful analysis of quotes and collaborative attitude towards manufacturers, always keeping in mind to have the best balance between results and cost.